Aurospirul stands for sustainable, social development in various ways, and is a proud member of the Fair Trade Forum of India.


Aurospirul employs mostly women, the majority from socially disadvantaged local communities. The farm provides all employees with a humane, friendly and safe work environment, and good wages including retirement and pension schemes, health insurance, additional bonuses etc.

Food Programs

Aurospirul supports nutrition programmes for various projects in its vicinity by supplying free spirulina. All Aurospirul employees daily receive a nutritional lunch and fresh amla juice with spirulina.

Education and
Awarness Raising

Aurospirul actively raises awareness about spirulina, its production and health benefits by welcoming students from schools, universities and other educational institutions, as well as individuals interested in spirulina, to come and visit the Windarra farm.

Sharing spirulina culture in India

Aurospirul provides spirulina mother culture to other farms, projects and individuals in India, as a gift of nature to be freely shared. Due to export regulations, it is not possible to provide the culture to farms outside India. Due to other commitments Aurospirul is not able to provide technical trainings regarding spirulina production.

Contribution for Auroville

Aurospirul donates part of its income to the Auroville community, as a contribution to the development and the maintenance of the infrastructure of the city and its bio-region, and towards public services (education, health care etc).

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